About GBI

  This beautiful variegated green island lies to the east of the mainland of New Zealand, only 10 kms from the rugged tip of the Coromandel Peninsula, but over 80 kms from the metropolis of Auckland.  Discovered by Captain Cook on 24th November 1769, he named them the Barrier Isles due to the protection they provided the Hauraki Gulf.

It is a place of rugged peaks and tumbling streams, of dense forest and verdant valleys. The west coast is a jumble of islets and islands, inlets and bays, with some of the finest boating harbours in New Zealand. Along the east coast it is in part iron-bound cliffs and rocky reef, and in part mile upon mile of golden sandy beaches, with the surf pounding in unobstructed from across the wide Pacific Ocean.

The inhabitants are a strange and independent race, some born to the island and some drawn from the far corners of New Zealand and beyond. In the main the islanders occupy themselves by fishing, dry-stock and sheep farming, tourism and horticulture, with many others in various degrees of retirement. 

There is a variety of activities to suit everyone such as golf, kayaking, fishing, diving, boat charters, sightseeing, mountain biking and tramping the 100 or so kilometres of various tracks considered to be among the best in N.Z.  And of course there is the ocean or the natural hot pools for swimming.

Visitor Information
Available 7am to 7pm
Website www.greatbarrierisland.co.nz
Email: info@greatbarrierisland.co.nz

Island Wide transfer service to accommodation from ferry terminal or airport
Email: travel@greatbarrierisland.co.nz
Phone: 09 4290 767