Great Barrier Island

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Car Hire

2 door car                 $65/day
4 door car                 $75/day
7 str people mover     $100/day
12 seater minibus       $120/day

 Pick up/drop off - You can pick up your car when you arrive at Claris Airport or Tryhphena Wharf
and you can leave it there again when you depart.
Cars are also available for hire from the lodge

  Fuel - Petrol and diesel is available from both Claris (closes at 4pm) and Tryhena (closes at 7pm)

  Maps and Directions - Each car is supplied with numerous maps of the island

Aotea Lodge has its own vehicles available for hire and
all guests are guaranteed a car during their stay if they book prior to arrival

We can arrange discounted rates on the shuttle to and from the lodge

Getting Around
Great Barrier Island is much larger than people imagine.
It takes over an hour to drive from one end to the other.
A rental car is the best way to expore the island.
Most of the roads are now sealed and you do not need a 4wd to get around.




Aotea Lodge, Great Barrier
41 Medland Road 

Ph:       (09) 4290628
Mob: 0279 091462

PO Box 20, Tryphena, Great Barrier Island