Things to know

ATMs – there are no ATMs on the island so you will need to bring cash. If you have NZ EFTPOS then you can draw cash out at the ships which also accept credit cards if you are travelling from overseas.

Shops – there is a small grocery store, 10 minutes walk from the lodge. Tou can purchse beer, wine, spirits and fresh fruit and vegetables (sometimes these are not readily available if the freight has not made it tot the island).

Driving on the island – you do not need a 4wd to get around. Most roads are sealed and fuel is available at Tryphena and Claris. If you stay at Aotea Lodge, you can rent a car for $65/day or bring your own one on the ferry for $330 return.

Night time – there are no streetlights on the island so please bring a torch.

Dining Out – there are a number of dining out options close to the lodge and a list will be emailed to you upon booking your accommodation.

Winter – from mid April to late October, restaurants and cafes reduce their opening hours or close down. There may not be somewhere open for dining out every night. Each unit at the lodge had its own cooking facilites. If you are arriving late in the day you will need to bring your own food to the island as the shops may not be open.